Saturday, September 25, 2010

RESULTS OF task # 2

It’s the end of the week, and there are a few changes to what my initial intentions were. For one, the center I was at DID have recycling! So therefore, I just left my recycling there instead of taking in to Boulder, Colorado. I’ll leave the space below for updating soon with my food resource recovery for the rest of the WWW game (until the 15th of October).

My Trash:

Daily: 3-4 paper towels, tissues, tea bag, and toilet paper.

My recycling:

-Paper (3-4, 8’11’ pages)

-Community recycling from food containers: plastic, paper, metal, cardboard.

My excess:

Over this week, I’ve actually accumulated more things! There was a free box at the mountain center, and I got a new bag, shoes, and jeans. The Universe seems to do this despite our most noble intentions. What I’m taking this to mean is that it’s time to shed some more things again and put a pint of: Trusting that my needs will be met, in their place.

Things I won’t use in the coming months because I intent to be in a warm climate, and will give to:

-1 pair fleece pants (Fabio)

-Dress shirt (Yuko)

-1 wool sweater (Holly or June)

-1 pair wool leggings (holly or June)

-1 pair wool socks (Fabio or Holly)

-REI Stuff sack (Fabio)

-Brown wool hat (June or Holly)

Lessons and struggles:

I have learned first-hand about the dynamic of my attachment to stuff. I’ve also learned about how wonderful it is to be able to carry most if not all of your possessions, as well as joyfully give something to someone who needs it. It actually feels better than getting more stuff! This process has been going on for the past few months, but especially this week of traveling and doing this task had made me notice it even more. Two friends of mine were able to get down to only that which they could take on bikes. Click here to check out Mandy and Ryan’s bike-packing Journey across the states: Newspaper: ( The site for their documentary film: ( (An abundance of thanks for the inspiration you two birds!)

My consumption: Food choices, water uses, and energy sources

What food choices (vegan)- what was it, where was it from, and how much was it?

Unfortunately I left the notebook I wrote down everything I consumed and threw away during this past week, AT the center in the mountains of Colorado! Therefore this is going to be a very generalized list.

Wed: vegan supper.

Thursday 16- Wednesday 22: Vegan breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner everyday. Coffee 2X day, tea bags once a day. (Truth-telling: Honey in my coffee = Weak spot!) I was able to eat mostly vegan, with a few dairy products thrown into dishes that I ate by the buffet style food service at the center. I am also waiting to hear from the kitchen staff, the direct locations from which our food was sourced.

What water did I use this week?

I wasn’t able to calculate the amount of water personally used, but I thought it was a good idea track this as I was living in a bioregion in which water conservation is of high importance.

-I used the shower three times during the week.

-The toilet at least four times a day

-Washed my hands at least four times a day

-Brushing teeth, and washing my face ~2x day

-Drinking water (~1/2 gallon day)

What energy did I consume? - What was it and how much was it?

In my search for discovering approximately how much energy I consumed at the center for ~7 days, I had a conversation that led me to discover that the center can’t currently discern how much energy use an individual would use in a given day. The variables include season, population, and living arrangements. This would also not include that the kitchen uses on a given day and season to cook. (What they make and how). I know that it was mostly propane that was used, but I look forward to updating this part of the blog once I find out more.

-What I could economize during one week:

I was able to actually economize my clothing and water use, as I didn’t wash my clothes the whole week, and borrowed clothes from the free box at the center. I economized travel costs by traveling to and from the center with others. I help others economize by giving free haircuts? (2)

My feelings behind the results:

One of the things I have difficulty with is an unexamined assumption that I “deserve” to buy new things and services. This is more than an individual consciousness I know, but as I see what that sneaky belief does within the greater culture, I’m that much more motivated to break apart the manifestation of it in my life. This month I bought a new sleeping bag, and new shoes. Simple, needed items that were well-made products. What I want to examine here, is how incredibly tempted I was to: get a tattoo, a piercing, a new yoga mat, a new notebook, a new book on yoga, a necklace, a new CD, a bus ticket (vs. rideshare), a hotel room, and so on. It’s ingrained into the minds of my generation that we need new stuff, and even though I find myself to be pretty accomodating, sometimes I find it might be more show than what’s really possible. I want to continue to take this task on in all aspects of my life, remembering that often, "the personal is political."

“Out beyond a field of right doing and wrong doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” - Rumi

What I’m passionate about is continuing down this road of radical simplicity, compassionate discipline, and together in community with a thousand pounds of fun added! Below is an article and youtube clip of some of my shero’s and hero’s on this topic.

Educational opportunity!

Julia Butterfly Hill on Disposability consciousness!

Ethan Hughes and The Possibility Alliance

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