Friday, October 15, 2010

Task #6


In my e-value-ation of myself in the game, and the game in me, I found myself searching for a way to be compassionate towards myself. Also, where I did and didn’t risk stepping outside my comfort zone – and risk “heartbreak” in the face of showing up fully as I am, right now with my strengths and weaknesses. I notice now that I thought about the game within the realm of my relationships alot: to myself, others, society, government, etc. However, when it came time to create a project, I found more difficulty and resistance in myself. The game definitely gave a narrative to what I was doing traveling for a month, and I learned a lot about my fears and judgements that keep me from actively supporting myself and others in REALize our dreams.
Overall I was filled with gratitude often for this and found it provided me with tons of inner transformation and the challenge of having positive impact that is real and tangible. I found myself joyfully stretching my boundaries and creativity muscles in light of this project. I’ve also learned that continuing to take action from a place of gratitude, making life right, and joy in the face of pitfalls IS the destination, and that fear and inertia is to be honored and looked at! They hold great power and breakthrough for us, once we finally sit down at the table with them for a talk.
Oh boy! Here comes the next cycle-the next game! I think I'll try adding 1/2 tsp more Joy this time.

Task #5

Task#5: The time has come to generate transformation in your community using the plan you’ve done, and the resources you’ve gathered.

Something that’s really beautiful is seeing that all but 9 countries in the world had a work party on 10/10/10.  I heard later that my mom got help from someone from the University of Michigan to come get her garden spiffed up. As I read all of the ways that communities were falling together rather than apart in the face of Climate Change and a good chance of difficult times now and in the coming years, my faith in the power of community and the possibility of real resilience, deepened. 

Our small, but impactful bike crew of 4 had the following mission starting the day:
Watch HERE
(unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to have the quality be better on the blog, so it's on facebook)

What emerged that day was definitely different from what our initial goal was in some ways, and fun and great in others.  We ended up not being able to find the group we were initially planning to travel with, but did find another action in Oakland that had gardening and fun.  
As we became more and more excited to capture the voices of this movement and funnel their energy towards self-empowerment, positivity, and personally being the change, I captured a few good video clips (unfortunately the video is poor quality, and therefore these are going to just be audio) of people I met at the Oakland event “Get down and dirty”:

What emerged: Watch HERE

We biked! We Sang! (audio clip of me and david), We goofed! We worked in the dirt! What happened with NOT doing a Wake Up symposium this week, for us turned into fire to more fully collaborate (Bus the Change) with Generation Waking Up. Therefore, we’re going to have a dinner and conversation over the next week, where we'll cook the food, and make sure we have a great gathering to kick start more organized, collaborative change making in the Bay area with our two initiatives. Dinner tonight!

Task #4

Task #4: Now is your chance to make a difference and do it! Decide who can help you and by what means. Tell us how you managed to gather people and who they are. List the skills and resources you can count on. Show us what your planning.

The exciting day of 10/10/10 came upon us very fast and what the plan changed into was only a bike tour. The reason for this is that the projector we were planning to use for the Wake Up, was recently stolen, and the only other place was only available the very next day. We decided together that it was too much of a stretch to do a wake up the very next day as there was so much more work to be done, there wasn’t an appropriate space (and we wanted our first one to be well prepared).  So with this bump in the plan, the resources and people power gathered really came down to these wonderful people below.



Our goal was to travel with the following group, (  and support their work in gardens. The resources our group acquired were a small audio-video recorder and fixed up and borrowed bikes and costumes.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Task #3

Task 3: Great Ideas are born from small causes

I had some difficulty thinking about this task, when I was so uprooted from a sencse of immediate community. I then took a look at the title, and what it allowed me to think was, "start small". That's what i did, and then a string of things showed up for me to help me on the path towards something like a "Bike the Change: a one-day service tour and transformation through goofination." I put a shout out to the loved ones I'm going to be living with, and their co-creative ideas starting flowin'!

For this task, I want to do a one-day service bike tour/ride in Oakland, California and other contacts. After sharing the idea with them, we discovered that the day after I arrive will be’s Work Party for Climate Change; a worldwide play-work day where organizations, groups, and individuals do a project that will help solve the climate crises in their local community.

This day is 10/10/10. It will be a powerful display of projects in the East Bay area where I will be living, and I’m really excited to offer our gifts and ideas to this day of community service/development. The idea for my action is two-fold. The first part will be on the Saturday of the event, and will be comprised of biking from event to event (there’s ~40 in the East Bay!) and supporting each group with the manual work (or at least many groups) spontaneously and with an emphasis on appreciation, creativity, clowning, and possibility. We will whisper inspiring stories of that other grous are doing and how their doing, in an effort to cross-pollinate the energy and power. The second part will be advertising for a “Wake Up” on the coming Wednesday. The reason for this is that this day (10/10/10) will be an incredible day to make leverage of the number of people who will be within our reach to share about the work we’re doing. The intention would be to connect and inform people to a “larger context” within which climate change action is a part of. Meaning, how the actions taken in the realm of environmental sustainability is one element of a Movement of Movements towards socially justice and healthy interpersonal/intrapersonal growth as well (at that we can’t work in one area without, in some way, having our foot my default in the other areas.) In essence, answering part of the question, "What to I do after the 350 day of action?".

As a side note, this landmark event will be the kick off for a potentially monthly Wake Up + something we (my house-mates and i) want to explore/bring (aka, another work party, yoga class, etc. in addition to the half-day program that will be the same every month). It will be a platform and time for experimentation, fun, and community building.

For task 4, I’ll need to contact the following people before Wednesday.

- Cherine

- Ethan

- Clayton

- Valerie

- ATD network

- Ramana coop

The skills and resources I need to make sure I have are as follows:

- bikes

- invitations

- costumes

- location for Wake Up event