Friday, October 15, 2010

Task #4

Task #4: Now is your chance to make a difference and do it! Decide who can help you and by what means. Tell us how you managed to gather people and who they are. List the skills and resources you can count on. Show us what your planning.

The exciting day of 10/10/10 came upon us very fast and what the plan changed into was only a bike tour. The reason for this is that the projector we were planning to use for the Wake Up, was recently stolen, and the only other place was only available the very next day. We decided together that it was too much of a stretch to do a wake up the very next day as there was so much more work to be done, there wasn’t an appropriate space (and we wanted our first one to be well prepared).  So with this bump in the plan, the resources and people power gathered really came down to these wonderful people below.



Our goal was to travel with the following group, (  and support their work in gardens. The resources our group acquired were a small audio-video recorder and fixed up and borrowed bikes and costumes.

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