Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Journey continues: Personal Responce-ability and Adapt-ability

The Journey continues:  Personal Responce-ability and Adapt-ability
I checked my email first thing every morning for about 3 weeks, I ran off to a facilitator training for a healing and expressive dance modality on a work-trade agreement, and slowly I thought "But, I don't know how to fundraising that much money, and maybe I shouldn't go this year to the Warriors Without Weapons Program, maybe it's just not what I should be doing right now."

Then the email came. And I emailed the Elos team back with, "Thank you so much! I'm honored!, but..." and didn't hear back until I made contact with them about 2 weeks ago. A few days, tears, hour long conversations, and yelps later, I realized on an even deeper level how Brazil was where I was suppose to be this winter. A friend told me a few days later, that "people forget how much they like to be of service.”  I got in that moment that for me to support a diverse movement of participatory regenerative arts leaders in the kind of social change I want to see now, I needed to test myself out in the world of transformative service work: To REALize in myself the capacity for be a part of tangible change, bringing a dream into reality by using innovative community building modalities, personal connection, and celebration of all efforts and achievements. To build the intra and inter-personal skills like the ones in the title of this blog, and technical abilities to contextualize the use of NVC, Dance, Yoga, and so on as essential supportive tools for building a world of peace, sustainability and wellbeing. 

A new game, a new set of tasks, and a whole new level of getting into action and giving myself the chance to really discover the resiliency and creativity in the center of my heart that we all have.

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